Derek Anderson-The Heart of a Privateer

The heat was unbearable at Freestone Raceway in Wortham, Texas.  It was the Friday before the race and I noticed a young man with his girlfriend working on his bike.  I introduced myself to them and shortly after, we were all walking the track and talking MX.  It was Derek Anderson’s second pro race and he was excited to show his stuff. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any footage of Derek that Saturday, as he didn’t quite make the two motos.  

I got plenty of footage from the races that followed, as that race was the only one he didn’t make.  Derek proved himself by qualifying the rest of the season and moving up to around mid-pack.

In the seasons to follow, Derek not only improved as a racer, but had quite a few really cool web series. “Driven to Ride” and “Man vs. Moto” both documented the day-to-day life, trials and triumphs, of a privateer.  I recommend checking them out.

Wherever his journey takes him, I know he’ll be successful because he has a real talent for conveying the sport, in a very real and raw way. He has put his whole heart into living his dream and that makes the difference.  He has real passion and it shows not only in his riding and web series, but in THE ART OF MOTO as well.

Nick Shows Me The Way

NICK WEY IDIt was at Washougal when I first spoke with Nick Wey.  As everyone who’s ever met him knows, Nick is not only very articulate, he’s really a cool dude.  He couldn’t do the interview that day, but eventually we got it done at Steel City.  

I was concerned he may not want to do the interview.  Earlier in the day, he was hit by a rock that broke through his goggle and cut him right below his left eye. However, to Nick, this was just another day at the office.  He asked what the documentary was about.  I told him that I raced amateur motocross and figured that only about 20 percent of  people knew anything about it   He immediately corrected me and said it was more like 10 percent.  I think he was closer.

A few years later, I ran into him again at my local track, REM. In addition to asking about the film and its progress, he gave me some advice on how to best approach and negotiate one of the toughest turns on the track that day. It was a tough off-camber turn with a pretty steep grade. “Just roll into it, don’t touch the clutch, and roll on the gas out of it.”  His advice worked!… I didn’t crash and actually took the turn successfully the whole second moto. Thanks Nick!

Watch and hear what one of the most talented riders of our time shares in THE ART OF MOTO.

The Short Race to Andrew

I had been shooting Andrew at the Nationals since the very beginning… knowing I would eventually capture his thoughts about his passion for this grand sport.  I was taking some time off in Vail before heading to the National Race at Thunder Valley, when I was awoken by a call from Andrew’s PR person.  She told me Andrew would be available for an interview an hour and a half from then.

Needless to say, It takes about that much time just to make that trip, but I was determined to get there on time.  The 2-lane freeway was busy, but on this day, traffic was flowing in Colorado.  Every driver moved over to the right and let me pass… something that would not be likely in Los Angeles!  Thankfully, everything fell into place and I was able to get there only a few minutes late.  He was gracious and understanding, just as I knew he would be.  Most people who race motocross are.

Technically, Andrew is one of the best racers on the track.  He’s  always focused with sheer determination.  His consistent rankings in the standings speak for themselves.  What he shared in the film is an integral part of the story and it wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Since then, I have bumped into him several times at Glen Helen, Loretta Lynn and other races… really a cool guy.  Thank you Andrew!

And So It Began…

Mark RacingWhat can I say about this great sport?  It’s hard to put into words.  Every rider knows about the passion deep inside that is unmatched by anything else.  After a good ride or race, I always have the same conversation with myself… “Wow, I can’t believe I was just out there doing that!”

My goal when I started THE ART OF MOTO was to capture as many different viewpoints to this one story, from as many riders as possible.  While champions and professionals seem to be the obvious choice to tell the story,  everyone who has thrown their leg over a dirt bike has felt the exhilaration, the joy and challenge of the sport.

I approached this whole project organically, bumping into riders at the track, sharing my story and then usually shooting an interview with them.  Being an amateur motocross racer myself, it was easy to connect and relate with other racers.  No matter the age, gender or skill level, we all spoke that familiar language of motocross!

It’s been a fantastic journey that has taken us all around the country and includes over 60 riders from all over the world.  Each post, I will highlight a different rider with the story about how the interview came about.  Please check back with us regularly and share our story with your friends and family!  Thanks!

Mark Homan
Producer/Director~THE ART OF MOTO-Capture The Experience