I was first exposed to motocross in 1973 at age 14 at a track called

Mark HomanMotosports Park in Byron, IL. Back then the sport was new in our country so not much was known about it. Motocross quickly became my passion and much to my parent’s dismay, I started racing two years later. I made it to the 125 intermediate class with finishes consistently in the top thirty percent, before my racing days appeared to be over when money ran out and had to focus on my future.

After graduating college in television production, I moved to Hollywood to pursue a dream… a dream of creating something from my soul…something I was passionate about, but I didn’t know what it was. While I’ve directed and produced pieces along the way, I mostly worked as an editor for major Networks like the WB, CBS, and FOX.

After 20 years of not riding a dirt bike, my true passion was rekindled when I started racing again…mostly REM at Glen Helen. People thought I was crazy getting back into such an extreme sport at the age of 41. But as any rider knows, it’s something that gets in your blood. No matter what level you’re at, the sport is just grueling, yet so rewarding.

Most people I’ve talked to who don’t know the sport, have no idea of what really goes into it. This became the reason for the film-to give those who don’t know  a lot about the sport an idea of what it is and what it feels like, while at the same time present a celebration to those who already do. After researching and talking about my idea, I committed to making the film and the journey began.

That was over seven years ago, and since then I have met some of the fastest and most interesting riders from around the world and have shot at some of the most beautiful and picturesque tracks in the country. Fourteen champions and over sixty riders tell the story, all with the same passion, all with their own unique way to express their love for this grand sport.

Whether you are a rider, racer, or someone just interested in checking out one of the most spectacular sports in the world, you’ll enjoy THE ART OF MOTO… Capture the Experience for yourself. I’ll see you out on the track!

Mark Homan~Producer/Director

THE ART OF MOTO-Capture the Experience