Nick Shows Me The Way

Nick Wey
Nick Wey

It was at Washougal when I first spoke with Nick Wey.  As everyone who’s ever met him knows, Nick is not only very articulate, he’s really a cool dude.  He couldn’t do the interview that day, but eventually, we got it done at Steel City.  

I was concerned he may not want to do the interview.  Earlier in the day, he was hit by a rock that broke through his goggle and cut him right below his left eye. However, to Nick, this was just another day at the office.  He asked what the documentary was about.  I told him that I raced amateur motocross and figured that only about 20 percent of people knew anything about it   He immediately corrected me and said it was more like 10 percent.  I think he was closer.

A few years later, I ran into him again at my local track, REM. In addition to asking about the film and its progress, he gave me some advice on how to best approach and negotiate one of the toughest turns on the track that day. It was a tough off-camber turn with a pretty steep grade. “Just roll into it, don’t touch the clutch, and roll on the gas out of it.”  His advice worked!… I didn’t crash and actually took the turn successfully the whole second moto. Thanks, Nick!

Watch and hear what one of the most talented riders of our time shares in THE ART OF MOTO.

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