The First American Champion

Gary Jones-The First American Champion
Gary Jones

Gary was the National Champion when I first got involved with motocross in 1974 at Motosports Park in Byron, Illinois.  People at the track would speak about him and how he became the first American to beat the Europeans to win the National Championship.  Over 30 years later, our paths crossed at REM Saturday Motocross at Glen Helen.  Gary is one of the coolest guys I’ve met in my life. He’s a true champion.  I race the over 50 class.  Gary is in the over 60 experts.  At REM, they usually have two gate drops per race to help move the day along faster.  They drop the gate for the over 50, then about 30 seconds later they drop it for the 60-year-olds.  He passes me twice per race… once right after he catches me after his start, then once when he laps me.  If I’m going to be passed twice in one race by the same rider, it might as well be Gary. Gary races regularly with his son Justin, who has won the Baja 1000 numerous times.

He is unbelievably fast for being over 60 years old!

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