The Short Race to Andrew

Andrew Short
Andrew Short

I had been shooting Andrew at the Nationals since the very beginning… knowing I would eventually capture his thoughts about his passion for this grand sport.  I was taking some time off in Vail before heading to the National Race at Thunder Valley when I was awoken by a call from Andrew’s PR person.  She told me Andrew would be available for an interview an hour and a half from then.

Needless to say, It takes about that much time just to make that trip, but I was determined to get there on time.  The 2-lane freeway was busy, but on this day, traffic was flowing in Colorado.  Every driver moved over to the right and let me pass… something that would not be likely in Los Angeles!  Thankfully, everything fell into place and I was able to get there only a few minutes late.  He was gracious and understanding, just as I knew he would be.  Most people who race motocross are.

Technically, Andrew is one of the best racers on the track.  He’s  always focused with sheer determination.  His consistent rankings in the standings speak for themselves.  What he shared in the film is an integral part of the story and it wouldn’t have been the same without him.

Since then, I have bumped into him several times at Glen Helen, Loretta Lynn, and other races… really a cool guy.  Thank you, Andrew!

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